‘You are all in’: how the sport’s governing body is changing

The sports committee has been given its first meeting since the Brexit vote and the committee’s members are divided.

The Sports and Recreation Committee has been tasked with examining the future of the sport and how it will evolve under the new administration.

The UK sports minister, Mark Simmonds, was elected on a promise to deliver an “unmatched” sporting agenda for the new parliament.

In a briefing, the committee said it would examine whether the government should be more transparent about its spending plans, whether its spending should be matched with the resources available, whether it is spending too much on a particular sport, whether the funding of some sports is being allocated to a sports that is not needed, and whether the Sports and Fitness Act needs to be changed to better reflect the needs of sport in the UK.

“This is a time for reflection and, in the coming weeks, we will make some recommendations to the committee, and I hope we will get them to make some decisions as well,” said chair Peter Taylor, of the UK’s governing bodies body the British and Irish Lions Rugby Union.

“As the committee is not a committee of MPs, its members have not been given a full opportunity to discuss what they are recommending and it is only through this discussion that the committee will be able to make any recommendations.”

The committee has said it will consider “whether a new Sports and Sport Act is needed to better serve sport in this country”.

But it will not be asking the government for more money.

The committee says it will look at whether the sport is already better served than it is now, and if it is, what the government can do to improve its funding and performance.

“I’m very keen to see if there is any way to make sport more accessible to the wider community, to the young people who play sport and the young women who play sports and if we can make it a better, more engaging, more competitive sport,” said Taylor.

“We’re not trying to make the sport a spectator sport.

It’s about making it more accessible and more accessible for people to participate and to play.”

The committee is already looking at the way the British Olympic Association, which runs the Games, funds its events, including a new stadium and training facilities.

The sports committee will also look at the UK government’s plans for the Paralympics.

The Paralympic movement is a major focus for the committee and will be given an opportunity to raise questions.

On the campaign trail, the government has promised a “new and improved” sports and recreation act, and has also promised more funding for the UK sport sector.

The minister will also be given a briefing by sports minister John Hayes on the UK Olympic bid, which is due to be awarded in 2022.

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