When the NHL opens in the US: A timeline

In the months leading up to the NHL’s inaugural season in 2020, the league will be expanding its footprint in America, but it won’t be done in one fell swoop.

It will take time, as it has with many other major American sports.

It has to build a relationship with local fans, but that has been a key hurdle for many of the teams that have moved to the US.

But there are other fans, and we’ll be working on getting them involved.” “

There are some great fans in America.

But there are other fans, and we’ll be working on getting them involved.”

The NHL will begin its inaugural season with two teams, the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Islanders.

The league has a strong history in New York, having played games in New Jersey from 1961 to 1980.

Bettman said the NHL will have three teams, with Carolina and the New York Rangers.

Both the Hurricanes and Islanders have won two Stanley Cups, but neither has ever won a championship in the city.

“It’s the only major league in the world where you have a Stanley Cup in the Garden of Heroes,” Bettman told reporters on Wednesday.

“That’s not a franchise, that’s not New York.

It’s a hockey city.”

 With a roster that already includes the future Hall of Famer, Steve Yzerman, the NHL has an impressive group of stars.

But they’re still young, and they need to find a way to develop them, and get them ready to play for the national team.

“There are two things we’ve learned,” Bettmann said.

“One, you can’t give players six months to develop.

You’ve got to give them a year.

And two, the more you do it, the better players you develop.

The more you develop, the stronger the team becomes.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re playing for.

The team wins.

You have to develop players and the team wins.”

“The second thing we’ve been able to do is to give the players a real chance to make a name for themselves,” he said.

The most recent wave of players to come to the league came from the American Hockey League.

It is in the midst of a rebuild after the 2011 lockout, and it will soon see the arrival of several new stars, including former Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid and Calgary Flames forward Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

More: A look at the players who will be joining the NHL in 2020: McDavid: McDavid, 20, of the Edmonton Oilers, is coming to the new league after playing for the Edmonton Junior Hockey League last season.

He will be the youngest player on the roster at 18 years old.

Nugent-hopkins: Nugens, 19, of Calgary, is one of the most exciting young players in the league.

He played four games in his debut for the Islanders this season, but has already played for Team USA at the World Junior Championships.

Cody Hodgson: Hodgson, 21, of Vancouver, is a third-round pick in the 2015 NHL Draft.

He has a chance to become one of three players in NHL history to score a goal with two different teams in his first two NHL seasons.

Bertsman said Hodgson has already impressed with his speed and defensive abilities.

McGinn, 19: The top scorer on the Islanders in 2016-17, he’s also a two-way player who can play a top-six role, including playing center in the top six.

He is one season removed from a hat trick, and the Isles are in a rebuild at forward.

Hodson, Hodgson and McDavid will form the Islanders top line for the first time since McDavid.

Andersen, 22: Andersen was selected by the Florida Panthers in the second round of the 2016 NHL Draft, and he has been one of their best forwards for the last three seasons.

Andersen is an undersized forward who plays in the slot.

Miles Weise, 24: Weise, the fourth-round selection in the 2016 Draft, was the third-leading scorer in NCAA hockey last season and was one of just two players to lead the nation in scoring, assists and points per game.

He also led all NCAA players in games played and assists, and led the NCAA in points and assists.

Seth Jones, 22, of Syracuse, is also in the mix for the top line role with Weise.

 “He’s got the size and he’s got speed,” said Andersen, who played his freshman season with the New Hampshire Whale.

“I think I can play center.

I think I could play in the bottom six.” Henderson,

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