When the NFL finally gets its act together and lets us all go on social media

The NFL is doing something that the rest of the world hasn’t done: It’s letting us all tweet.

This week, the league announced it’s expanding its Twitter account, bringing in a variety of tweets that can be shared on various sports pages.

Some will be shared by members of the press, but a few will be curated by the league itself, such as this tweet from the league’s Twitter account that explains why the Super Bowl is “a game of pure passion” and how they’re trying to “take back the field” in the wake of the NFL’s protests.

In other words, it’s not the NFL we’re looking for right now.

And that’s exactly the problem.

Because as a whole, social media has only grown stronger since the beginning of the season.

We know that social media plays a significant role in our daily lives, whether that’s sharing our news or just keeping in touch with family and friends.

But it’s also the platform that we use to connect with our friends, our colleagues, our family and the wider world.

When you’re tweeting at the same time as the world, it can be difficult to determine whether the messages you’re sending are coming from your actual friends or if they’re simply being shared on behalf of a select group of followers.

And since Twitter is primarily a place for people to share news and entertainment, it makes sense that people would tweet on the platform more often.

In fact, according to a study by research firm NPD Group, only 14% of people tweet more than once a day, and just 18% of the top 10% of tweets are actually from friends.

In contrast, the top 100 Twitter accounts account owners were all the most popular in 2016, and they all posted at least 200,000 tweets each.

But while it may seem like Twitter is taking the social media movement forward with the kind of transparency and professionalism that we’re accustomed to, that’s only part of the story.

Twitter is also a social media platform that is largely controlled by a handful of companies, which means that it’s in a position to control the content that gets shared on the service.

When Twitter launched its new product in 2016 in a bid to combat trolls and fake accounts, the company did so with the intention of keeping a level playing field between its own and the more established platforms.

While Twitter has struggled to do this in recent years, that didn’t stop the company from introducing new features and changes, and the company has been working to do so again in 2017.

That’s why it’s worth noting that Twitter’s announcement of a new Twitter app is the company’s most ambitious one yet.

It’s a big deal because it means that Twitter has finally opened up its platform to more of the public.

There are a few things to note about this news.

First, the app is currently only available on iOS, and only for iPhones and iPads.

That means that people who want to use Twitter for business purposes will need to do some serious planning on how they want to share content.

And because the app itself is still in beta, it will not be rolled out to the wider public for at least another year.

But even if you do end up using the app for business, the platform is still entirely private and private at the moment.

Second, Twitter’s statement about expanding its platform doesn’t address the fact that Twitter is still limited to the number of users that it has and the types of accounts that can access it.

While this might seem like an odd choice for an open platform, Twitter has an unfortunate history of limiting the number and types of users it lets in to its service.

For example, in 2016 the company announced that it was ending its feature called “favorites” that allowed people to have their favorite tweets automatically show up on their timeline when they were following a user.

This move came in response to the fact, as it turned out, that people were posting their favorite Tweets on a number of different accounts, including their personal accounts.

So it’s possible that Twitter will open up its social media offerings in the future to allow people to create their own channels and allow people more control over how their Tweets are shared.

The fact that the company is finally allowing people to control how their tweets are shared is one of the reasons Twitter has become such a popular destination for people looking to make their own accounts, and one of its most valuable.

In the end, Twitter may well end up being a more valuable tool for social media users than Instagram or Snapchat, but it’s going to take a lot of work to get there.

And even after it opens its social platforms to the general public, it could be some time before the company begins to make any meaningful progress towards allowing people control over the way they share content on the site.

It might take a few more years before Twitter truly expands its social reach beyond its main account, but the company certainly isn

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