When is a meeting on a topic not a meeting? | Meet the agenda: The NBA | Meet sports Twitter

Meet the NBA, the NBA playoffs, and the playoffs are all in this week’s Meet the Agenda.

And yes, it’s a meeting of the people.

It’s also a meeting to discuss the future of the NBA.

The NBA’s official meeting schedule is now live.

It will be held in Los Angeles on March 4, 2019, and will take place in New York City on March 7, 2019.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who will also be the commissioner of the All-Star Game, has already announced his meeting with the league’s owners in Los Angelas, California, on March 3.

The meeting will be in Los Feliz on March 6, 2019 and will be attended by NBA owners Charles and David Koch and the league itself.

The meetings will be a first for the NBA and the NBA owners.

It means a new way of doing business in the NBA as there will be no meetings in Los Banos, the location of last year’s meeting between the NBA commissioner and the owners.

The new meeting will also mean a new format.

Players and owners will not have to sit down for the meeting, which will be televised live on ESPN, and all questions will be answered in the meeting.

This meeting will happen at an undisclosed location.

Silver has also stated he wants to get rid of the three-point line and make the NBA more competitive, and he has not ruled out any changes to the rules.

Last year’s meetings, when Silver, the league commissioner, and Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob held the meetings, took place at an airport hangar in Anaheim, California.

But the commissioner had said that while he wanted to make it as competitive as possible, he was not willing to change the league rules to make the league more competitive.

What to watch for this week: There is not a whole lot happening this week, with a few games still on the schedule.

The only meeting of note is the March 6 meeting between Silver and the Golden State owners in New Orleans.

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