When football meets basketball: The NBA and NFL meet in Las Vegas

The NBA, the NFL and the NFLPA have teamed up to host a special NBA-NFL preseason showcase in Las Vegas, the latest in a string of preseason events to hit the country this year.

The NBAPA will host a training camp for players in Las Palmas, while the NBA will host two preseason clinics in Orlando, Florida and Dallas.

The league will also host two training camps in Dallas, where players will get their first taste of the NFL before heading to training camp in Florida.

The training camps will take place over three days, with the league offering a full slate of games in the four-day event.

There is one notable difference between the preseason events: this time around, players won’t have to wear jerseys.

Instead, the league has chosen to use a uniform format, where the jerseys worn by players during the preseason will be tied to a team.

“We’re really excited about this, because it will help us get players the best possible chance to participate in training camp, to get in shape, and to get ready for the season,” said NBA Senior Vice President of Football Operations Jeff Bower.

Bower added that the league expects to make the majority of its training camp rosters with players who are on the active roster and in the final season of their contract, as opposed to those who have been cut by their current team.

The preseason is the most-watched part of the regular season, with an average of more than 4.5 million people watching every game on television.

The NFL is the league with the most preseason games, with 13.5, followed by the NBA with 9.5.

The US men’s national team has been playing its preseason games in Las Veradores, Mexico, since July 8, but has yet to take part in a preseason game in Vegas.

The NBA will play a full regular season schedule of eight preseason games and a pair of exhibition games, while NBA.com will provide coverage of each team’s preseason schedule and provide live stats throughout the week.

The preseason also includes two exhibition games.

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