What’s in your Sports Meet badge?

The NBA, the NHL, the NBA Finals, the NCAA Tournament, the World Series, the NASCAR Cup, the NFL’s Pro Bowl, the FIFA World Cup, and the Olympic Games are among the sports events at the top of the list.

We’ve added some badges to the list, too, including the NHL Awards and the NBA Playoffs, the U.S. Open, the Ryder Cup, NASCAR’s Sprint Cup, Formula One’s Monaco Grand Prix, the Australian Open, and more.

We’re adding more to this list every day, so check back here to see if we’ve missed any events.

The following are badges that we’ve added to the Recode Sports Meet badges list this week.


MLB World Series Badge: You’ll have the opportunity to vote on a few of the World’s top players, including Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Bautista, during a special pregame ceremony.

We know the voting is long, but it’s worth it to have a chance to make sure your favorite team gets the nod.


NBA Finals Badge: Fans can vote on the winners of the NBA’s NBA Finals this year and beyond.

Fans will have the chance to vote for the MVP, MVP of the Year, MVP and Coach of the year, MVP Rookie of the Season, and MVP All-Star.


NCAA Tournament Badge: If you’re attending an NCAA Tournament tournament this year, you can vote for your favorite college team.

Fans can also vote for a national champion, and fans can vote against the top seeds and teams.


NBA Playoffs Badge: Vote for your top five players, as voted by fans during a live, online chat.

Fans are encouraged to vote against other teams during the live chat.


NHL Playoffs Badge : Fans will get to vote at the NHL Playoffs for their favorite players.

The vote will be cast live on NHL.com, which will be followed by live voting for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which start on Sunday, Feb. 15.


World Series: Vote on the most exciting moments of the 2017 World Series.

Fans have the option to vote in the fan vote, which can be done online or in-person.

Fans who are unable to attend can also check out a live poll at r/NBA.

Fans in attendance at the World Championship can also submit questions via a special poll at the official r/NHL Facebook page.


NBA Awards Badge: This year, fans can pick which players have the best “fame,” and voting will be done on Twitter.

Fans may also choose which team has the best fan base and get to cast their vote for which player they think has the most fans.


Ryder Cup Badge: The Ryder Cup is the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, and every year fans get to choose a winner, including a chance for the player to win the championship and the title of World Golf Hall of Famer.

Fans get to get to watch the action live online, and voting begins on Sunday at 10:30 a.m.


Fans also have the ability to submit questions and comments via the official Ryder Cup Twitter account.


FIFA World Cups Badge: FIFA fans can cast their votes for the 2017 FIFA World Player of the Round.

Fans vote for their top four players, and voters can vote to send the player into the knockout round.


NASCAR’s NASCAR Cup Badge : This year fans can make their pick of the top three drivers to win this year’s NASCAR race.

Fans and drivers can cast a vote to get the top driver, and get a chance at winning the championship, and a chance of winning the prize of $500,000.



Open Badge: A few days after the 2018 U. S. Open Championship begins, fans vote for who they think will win the Open Championship.

Fans then cast their ballots to see who will advance to the quarterfinals and semifinals.

Fans of all ages can vote, too.


NBA Rookie of The Year Badge: After the 2018 NBA season, fans will get the chance for their team to pick the player they’d like to see become the next LeBron James.

Fans cast their ballot to vote the best player on the roster, and there are also special voting options for players with only two years of experience.


Ryder Cups Badge : It’s time for the Ryder Cups to crown the top player in the World Tour.

Fans receive a chance as well to cast a ballot to determine who the winner will be.

Fans voting for their favorites will be able to cast votes to see the player who has the least amount of fans.


NBA All-Stars Badge: Get the best players on the court, including LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

Fans pick the top five rookies, and votes can be cast online or at the U, W, L, and R stages.

15, NASCAR All-Rookie Badge

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