What the US Military’s military says about the cyberattack on Iran

US military officials say they have not yet seen evidence of a cyberattack, but are taking a close look at it.

US military Chief of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford says the US military is not yet sure if Iran is behind the cyberattacks.

US officials have not publicly identified the attack, but some have suggested that Iran was behind it.

The Pentagon is still trying to determine if Iran has any role in the cyber attacks.

But officials say the US intelligence community is confident the attacks are Iranian-backed.

Iran says the cyber assaults were launched by Iran-backed groups in retaliation for the recent US sanctions on its ballistic missile program.

US intelligence officials have said the cyber efforts came from China.

The US government has been in contact with Iran’s embassy in Washington, DC, to seek clarification about the attacks.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said he’s worried about the growing threat posed by cyberattacks and has urged US and other countries to take a more proactive role in protecting their networks.

“I want to say that our country will be very worried if this is the case,” Zarif said on Monday at the opening of a joint session of Congress.

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