What is the meeting of the ‘Sports Meet’ at the Sports Cardiology Meet at the Royal London Hotel?

The Sports Meet is a weekly meeting of sports cardiology professionals in London.

It meets from 6-8pm each week, with the meeting itself taking place at the hotel’s rooftop bar, where the majority of cardiologists attend.

It is the first meeting of its kind, and is the only meeting of this kind to take place in the UK.

The meeting takes place on the second Saturday of every month, and will be open to the public.

The venue is the Royal hotel, where there are a number of public areas where people can gather.

In 2017, the Royal Hotel hosted the meeting, which attracted over 300 cardiologist delegates.

It was organised by the Royal Sports Cardiovascular Society (RSCS), the UK Association for Sports Cardiologists (USA), and the British Cardiovascular Association (UK).

The Sports Meet at Royal London hotel is a monthly meeting of cardiology professional delegates in London, which aims to meet to discuss the latest clinical and scientific developments in cardiology and to support each other.

A number of professional societies, including the American Association of Sports Medicine (AASM), have joined forces to organise the meeting.

The event takes place every 2 months, and the meeting will be held on the third Saturday of each month.

It will also feature a panel discussion from the sports cardiologist and a Q&A session.

The first Sports Meet took place in 2012 and was attended by over 1,500 cardiographers from around the world.

The meeting attracted over 10,000 participants from across the UK and around the globe.

The Royal London is the largest sports venue in London and is also home to the Royal Victoria & Albert Memorial Sports Centre and the Royal Albert Hall.

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