‘Wanna be a sports captain’ meeting for NBA players could take place in Chicago

Chicago is the next stop for NBA captains to meet, and it could be happening this summer.

A few weeks ago, a few of the league’s stars came to Chicago for the league captains meeting.

They were the stars of the upcoming NBA Finals, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony.

James was at the meeting.

He was wearing a Lakers jersey.

He has been a star in the league for quite some time now, but his new Lakers teammates and the rest of the NBA are waiting for him to play a major role in their championship.

When the meeting started, there was a bit of a hiccup for the players.

James told them he wanted to come to the meeting because he didn’t think he had a role to play in their success.

There was a lot of talk about his leadership skills, his personality and his willingness to lead.

The players were excited, but James wasn’t excited at all.

Afterward, he said the meeting was great, but there was one big issue.

James has been out of the game for two years.

He wanted to stay.

James said he wanted his team to be successful and that was what was going to define him in the NBA.

James is a leader.

He is someone who can be in the locker room and inspire and motivate his teammates, which is a huge part of his role.

The NBA is in transition.

Teams are going through some roster changes, and there are many coaches who aren’t as committed to their core players.

It is important to have leaders who are able to inspire and be a leader in that regard.

James was able to make that happen.

His team will be playing the Boston Celtics for the NBA title, and James was invited to the event.

He didn’t even bother trying to get a meeting with the team, but it was a fun meeting.

James wants to lead this team to the championship and to help it achieve the goal of becoming the best in the world.

He knows that he has a big role in that goal, but he wants to do it while staying in the game.

The NBA is trying to make a transition in terms of its teams and players.

They are trying to create a roster that is more cohesive, that has the same talent as their former teams and that is also willing to take risks on younger players.

The new players, and the younger players, need leadership, and that leadership needs to come from the leader.

James has been the NBA’s best player for a long time, and now that the NBA is on the rise again, James is ready to step up and lead his team.

James had a good time at the NBA captains meeting, and he wants the team to become the best he can be.

He wants to be able to tell his team that they are the best team in the country, and his team will take that message to the top.

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