Negotiation meeting with schoolgirls sports teams to decide how to tackle bullying

A meeting of the National Association of School Teachers has been held to decide the next steps to take to tackle the problem of bullying in sport.

The meeting of all school boards in the country will be held on Thursday at a sports venue in Cork.

The Nats will look at how the situation in sport can be improved and the possible future of sport.

Earlier this week, an Irish sports organisation launched a national awareness campaign aimed at reducing bullying and bullying culture in sport, after a report from the Nats found that bullying was a widespread problem in sport in Ireland.

The group said its aim was to get young people involved in sport by talking to them and offering support to help them overcome the bullying they experienced.

The association said the meeting will be open to all schools in Ireland, but parents will be asked to nominate a school for the meeting.

In April, the Irish Sport Council said that while there was no official data on bullying in sports, there was a need for more information on the problem.

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