Israel sports meet badge, words ‘baytown’

At least a half-dozen sports meet and greet badges are available in the city of Baytown.

The Jerusalem Post asked people in the area for pictures of the badges.

Some said they had bought them from a local shop.

Several people said they did not have any experience with the badges, but they thought they would be useful for the event. 

“It’s not a big deal to me.

I know there’s a big demand for badges, and people need to have badges, too,” said one man.

“The first thing I’d do is buy one.

The next thing, I’d ask my friend to come and buy one, too.”

Some people said the badges would be used by members of the public, who would not need to buy their own.

“I would probably buy one for myself and my family and have my friends come to the meet,” said another man.

“It’ll help me be more visible to people who come,” he added.

“I’m sure I can be seen by people who can’t see me.”

The badges will be available to purchase from a shop in the Baytown area on Saturday. “

People who wear them are very friendly.”

The badges will be available to purchase from a shop in the Baytown area on Saturday.

“The Baytown sports meets have become a very popular destination for people from all over the world, so we’re glad to offer the badge,” said the city’s director of events and culture, Meir Shkushin.

“Our aim is to give the people of Bayt Town a sense of pride in their place in the world.”

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