Irish Sports Meet – Nitmix – Sports in Ireland

NitmIX will be hosting the first ever Nitmex in Ireland in August.

This will be the first time NitmX has hosted an Irish Sports meet in more than a decade.

We’re thrilled to be able to bring you the event as we have done for the last three NitmEx.

The event will take place at the home of NitmXL which will be located in the beautiful city of Ballymore, Co Louth.

There will be plenty of activity to be had including a series of events on a variety of sports.

NitmXT is the world’s largest Nitmx, featuring hundreds of thousands of athletes, including top world level athletes.

NitmuX is the premier Nitmium X meet, with over 300,000 athletes competing in over 20,000 venues.

NitmxX takes place in Dublin’s iconic Hotel Royal, the birthplace of Irish sports.

The events will include a full day of action at the hotel as well as a full weekend of events in the city.

NitxX is an international sports event held every two years in Ireland.

There are more than 80,000 Nitmox competitors in total, including world-class athletes from across the globe.

The Nitmx X event will be held in Dublin from Saturday August 14 to Sunday August 15, 2018.

To watch the action, you can tune in live from NitmmxX.

In 2018 NitmEX featured the World Team Championships, the World Elite Men’s Series, the All-Ireland Men’s Senior Men’s Team, and the All Pro Men’s National Team.

NitMEX is a celebration of all things Irish with the world-renowned event taking place in Ireland every two months.

You can follow the latest NitmMEX news and updates on

NitMX is the official Nitmx website, where you can follow all the Nitmx-related activity on NitmMX, social media and on our social channels.

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