How to tell if a girl-powered event is really about girls or boys

There are lots of things you can look for when trying to determine whether a girl’s or boy’s event is actually about girls.

And while these things can vary a lot, the best way to tell is to ask.

In the first part of this guide, we’ll look at some common clues you can use to determine if a girls-only event is about girls, boys or both.

Here are some other common questions we asked to help us determine if an event is girls-and-boys: Are there signs?

Is there a prize?

Is the prize cash?

Are there other prizes?

If so, what are they?

Are the prizes distributed to the participants?

Are any of the participants wearing makeup?

Can the organizers show you how to do this?

Are you given instructions on how to participate?

Are these girls’ and boys’ only events?

Is this the first or the second girl-and a boy-only competition?

Is it all or none?

Is everyone invited?

Can you find out if there are any prizes for the girls or the boys?

Are all the prizes given away?

Are they given away in packs or packs of one?

Can they be shared with all the girls and all the boys in the room?

Is a gift given to the entire room?

If there are prizes for everyone, will there be giveaways?

Is an invitation to the boys and girls to join the girls’ competition?

Are girls allowed to compete in the boys’ competition, or only the boys, or can they only compete in girls’ competitions?

Is anyone in the girls- and boys-only competitions allowed to enter the girls’, or only to enter girls’ contests?

Do girls have to wear makeup to compete?

Can girls compete without makeup?

Does anyone else have to use makeup?

Is any part of the girls competition, including the judges, required to have makeup on?

Are people wearing makeup in the event?

Does makeup cover their eyes, cheeks, or nose?

Do people use their nose as a mask to cover their face?

Do they have to remove their makeup to do so?

Are anyone wearing makeup during the girls’s competition?

If the event has to do with a physical activity, is that activity a girls’ or boys’ event?

Can anyone participate in a girls or a boys’ sport?

Are boys required to wear any of these clothing, including t-shirts?

Can men wear a hat?

Can women wear a bikini top?

Are men required to cover up with a scarf?

Can a woman be crowned the Miss Universe?

Is Miss Teen USA, Miss Teen International, or Miss Teen Canada?

Is someone crowned Miss Teen America, Miss World, or a Miss World in the first place?

Are contestants from other countries allowed to participate in the Miss Teen Universe pageant?

Are members of the contestants’ families allowed to be there?

Can parents bring their children to the event, or not?

Does this event include dress code requirements?

Do the rules change after each event?

Do any of those rules change?

Does the event require any special makeup?

Are special makeup rules enforced?

Do rules for the competition differ from those for the Miss World pageant?

Can contestants use special makeup in competition?

Does someone else wear makeup during a competition?

Can someone else use makeup during competition?

Have a rule that prohibits wearing makeup, or requires makeup?

Do contestants have to cover all their face in the competition?

Will contestants have their hair cut by a stylist?

Do judges, judges, and referees wear makeup?

Will the judges wear makeup while judging?

Is makeup required during the competition, and will contestants be allowed to wear it?

Do parents or other witnesses need to remove makeup?

Should there be a special contest for parents?

Will parents be allowed at the contest?

Does competition participants wear makeup for the duration of the competition and/or during competitions?

Are prizes given out for all contestants?

Does everyone have to pay to enter contests?

Are awards given to all contestants or only contestants?

Is each contestant able to wear whatever they want during competition and in the contest itself?

Is something awarded in the contests for the judges to wear?

Is one winner given away for each of the three categories of contestants?

Can judges wear sunglasses, or do they need to wear glasses?

Is wearing sunglasses required during competition for judges to use their eyewear?

Are judges required to be completely covered in makeup?

Have rules for contestants who wear makeup, including makeup-free contests, for each contest?

Are some contestants required to use eye makeup in a contest?

Do there need to be separate categories for girls and boys to compete and for contestants to wear eye makeup?

What is the rule that requires contestants to keep their makeup off?

Is contestants required, for example, to wear a mask while performing in a music competition?

What kind of makeup is required in a competition that involves makeup?

Did contestants need to change their makeup during this competition

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