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Meet the newest members of your favorite sports team and see what their personalities are like. 

The Meet MADDies meet monday, is the first of a series of meet-ups that will be held on February 25 in a new venue in New York. 

It will be hosted by Meet the MADDie the official meetup for the MADD community, and will feature a mix of MADD people who have met Maddies friends and other people who are MAD people. 

Each meetup will have a teacher to teach the new program. 

Here’s what you need to know about the meetup.

Meet the Meet Maddy program is a free, interactive meet-up program for all people with disabilities to meet and learn about the Maddie Movement, including people with motor or sensory disabilities. 

A teaching teammate will be providing interviews and presentations to help people develop the characteristics of themselves and their lives. 

There will be movies and games, a food and wine menu, video games, a tour guide, as well as a live meet and greet. 

“The goal is to build a community of people with a common interest, who want to make a positive difference in the lives of people who have disabilities,” Diane Schlossberg, a member of the Meet the Maddy team, said in a statement. 

She said the program is designed to give people a chance to learn more about the movement and meet other people with different disabilities. 

 “We are a group of individuals who want our voices to be heard, and the Meet Maddy program allows us to have that voice heard in a positive way,” Schlossberg said. 

In the coming weeks, meet the maddies’ program will be expanding to include meet groups for different groups of people. 

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