How to build a football house from scratch

I built a football home on my own. 

I had no money, no equipment, and no tools. 

My house looked pretty much like a small house from a few years ago, with a tiny kitchen and living room. 

I had never built a house before, so I had a lot of questions. 

When I got home and opened the door, I didn’t expect to find myself in a room with no windows, no air conditioning, no power, no fridge, no toilet, and just a tiny bed. 

As I was looking at it, I noticed that there was a tiny hole on the side of the wall that had been drilled into the wall. 

The hole was a perfect spot for a football goal. 

With a little ingenuity, I drilled a hole in the wall and put a football inside. 

From there, I started with the foundation and started working with my 3D printer to build the house. 

What’s a 3D Printer? 

A 3D printed object is made of 3D materials, which are typically used to create 3D objects. 

3D printers can be used to make items like furniture, tools, and more. 

If you’re a fan of 3-D printing, you can even print a full-sized 3-d model of a house.

The  3D printing process involves using a computer, laser cutter, and some basic computer software to print a 3-dimensional object on a 3.5″ x 3.75″ printer. 

For the house, I printed a sheet of plywood using my 3-point extruder. 

This printer uses a laser to cut out the desired shape and print it onto a piece of plastic. 

My printer prints flat plastic and has no internal frame. 

Once I finished the plywood, I then printed the house with a small amount of epoxy glue. 

Because it was a simple design, I decided to do a plywood roof and had a small piece of ply wood glued to it. 

Next, I had to cut down a piece from the bottom of the house to make a hole. 

To make the hole, I first cut down some 1-inch PVC pipe. 

Then I used a router to cut the pipe into the shape I wanted. 

After that, I cut a 1-foot piece of 1-by-4-inch plywood and glued it to the bottom. 

Finally, I glued some 4-inch-by 6-inch nails to the side. 

Now, that’s it! 

The house looks great! 

When the 3D printers are completed, they can be glued on to any surface that you want. 

You can even paint it if you’re so inclined. 

There are many ways to build 3-story houses. 

Do you have any other building ideas? 

Leave us a comment below! 

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