How the 2017 NFL Spring Sports Meetings Became a National Disaster

On the morning of March 13, 2017, the Chicago Bears announced that the 2017 season would be their last. 

The Bears were scheduled to play the New England Patriots on the last Sunday in March, but the season had been cancelled because of Hurricane Matthew. 

On March 16, 2017 the Chicago Blackhawks hosted the Minnesota Wild. 

That game was the last game played for the Bears, and the team had already lost six games in a row. 

At the time, there were many reasons why the Bears would leave. 

One of the most prominent reasons was that the team needed to rebuild its roster. 

There were a lot of holes on the roster, especially on defense. 

In 2016, Chicago had the league’s worst defense, and while the Bears had added three of the top-rated young defensive players in the entire league, they also needed to add depth. 

After the 2017 draft, the Bears added four new players and took the draft’s top overall pick. 

This year’s draft class was also filled with talented defensive prospects, including defensive tackle Malik McDowell, cornerback Malik Hooker, defensive tackle Kyle Fuller, safety Malik Hooken, and linebacker Danny Trevathan. 

However, they still needed to get better on offense. 

Last season, the offense averaged just over 30 points per game, the lowest in the NFL. 

When the Bears left town in 2019, their defense was also on the decline. 

They finished the year with just 10 wins and finished the regular season tied for third in the league in points allowed. 

So in an attempt to turn the page, the team decided to take a different approach. 

Instead of looking for the best players available, they were looking for players who could help them win games, and they picked up defensive end Sheldon Rankins in the second round. 

Rankins, like fellow defensive end Robert Quinn, is a prototypical defensive end who is versatile enough to play multiple positions. 

He has been a part of the defensive line rotation since the start of the 2017 regular season, and was also a key contributor to the Bears’ defensive play in 2018 and the first three games of 2019. 

While Rankins will never be considered an elite pass rusher, he will certainly be a major part of any defense in the Bears defensive backfield this season. 

If the Bears could add some quality depth on the defensive front, then they could potentially have a very good team next year. 

Even though the Bears lost their starting offensive tackle, Charles Leno, this season, they added the offensive lineman of the future, Taylor Decker, and defensive tackle Jarrad Davis. 

Both of these players will help fill a need that the Bears desperately needed. 

Davis has the size and speed to be an effective pass rusher and the quickness to be a playmaker on the outside. 

Decker is a talented run defender who can play multiple linebacker positions, and is very explosive on the edge. 

Lastly, Decker is a playmaking player, as he can disrupt the offensive line and make plays on the ball carrier. 

As a result, the offensive front will likely feature an additional three offensive linemen in 2018. 

Overall, the 2018 Bears were very solid in 2017, but they missed the playoffs for the first time since 2010. 

A lot of this is due to the team’s inability to make any real improvements on defense, but there are several players who the team can add to their already-excellent unit. 

To that end, the 2017 Bears will be getting the chance to play in front of a sold-out home crowd on Sunday afternoon. 

Here is a list of five players the Bears should target in the 2018 draft. 

First round: Darius Slay, DT, Utah State, 6’5″ 280lbs, 5.45 40-yard dash, 8.3 seconds, 4.77 second 3-cone, 5-foot-11, 4-star ranking, No. 9 overall This is a huge need for the 2018 Chicago Bears, as Slay was the team lead tackler in 2017. 

Slay was a top 10 defensive tackle prospect in the 2017 class, and in addition to his size and athleticism, he also had the potential to become a disruptive force. 

Like most top-10 prospects, Slay is an explosive athlete who has the potential for outstanding playmaking ability. 

Unfortunately, the former Utah State All-American has struggled with injuries throughout his college career. 

It has been well-documented that Slay is suffering from the effects of multiple concussions, but he has been reluctant to talk about his health issues publicly. 

With his physical limitations, it is easy to see why the former defensive tackle might have difficulty playing at the next level. 

His lack of durability will likely cost him his starting job as a senior, but it should not be a problem in 2018 as he will be able

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