Girl-power: Invitational Inter School ‘old girls’ sports meet 2015

Inter School International in a recent interview with MTV News revealed their upcoming event, called the Girls-Power Invitational, which is set to take place on September 21st, will be the first inter school girls’ event in the UK since 2015.

The girls-power competition, which will be held at Inter School’s new venue in Oxford, will also feature the debut of an event called “Girl Power in Schools”, which is sponsored by the Girls’ Health Network (GHN) and is designed to bring together girls in schools to work on common issues that impact girls and girls’ health.

“We want to show that this is a real and tangible way of making an impact and to make a difference,” Inter School said in a statement.”GHX is a local community-based organization, which aims to create an environment where all young people can learn from each other and get connected with one another, through sports, arts, culture and education.”

To help us make Girls-power happen, we are launching a Girls-Energy Initiative, which has a vision of creating a more inclusive, diverse and inclusive world, and aims to be a catalyst for girls in every school to be able to access the opportunities they need.

“The Girls-energy initiative will be funded by GHN and will see the Girl Power athletes come together with local charities to discuss issues such as gender diversity, education, youth violence and health.GHNs aim is to increase the number of girls in the workforce by 2020, and as part of the event, the Girl-Energy teams will also be asked to share their experiences of working alongside girls at different levels of education.

GhN is an umbrella organisation which aims “to ensure the full inclusion of all students in our education system and beyond”, according to their website.

The Girl Power Invitational will feature a diverse range of events from girls-sports, to gymnastics, and also an indoor and outdoor track and field event.

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