A few things to know about MotoGP’s newest generation of sensors

The MotoGP 2016 bike’s sensors are expected to be upgraded for the season, with a further eight sensors added to the bike.

The latest updates include the introduction of the new ABS (anti-roll bar) sensor, which has a built-in braking system, and a new version of the gyroscope, which is designed to give riders better control over their bike.

MotoGP has a strong reputation for reliability and performance, and the sensors are a major boost to the technology in the future.

But how do the sensors work?

Here are the main differences between the 2016 MotoGP bike and the 2017 MotoGP machine.

Sensor size The new sensor sizes will be 10.5mm, 11.8mm, 12.2mm, and 13.1mm in diameter, and will be housed in the rear of the bike rather than at the front, as was the case with the 2017 machines.

The 2016 Moto GP bike will have an 8.4mm sensor.

The 2017 Moto GP bikes will have a 9.5-inch sensor, while the 2017 bikes will be 11.7-inch.

Sensor strength The sensor strength on the 2016 bike is 0.03g/cm2, compared to 0.08g/ml for the 2017 machine, which equates to a difference of 3.7% in sensor strength, according to MotoGP.

Sensor weight The 2016 bikes are rated at 11.9kg, while it will be 6.3kg for the new 2017 bikes, according the MotoGP website.

The sensors are also much lighter than on the 2017 models.

Sensor durability Sensor durability has been one of the major improvements on the MotoGX.

It’s been claimed that the 2016 and 2017 bikes have comparable durability and longevity, while a new 2017 bike will be rated at 1.5 times that of a 2016 model.

Sensor technology Sensor technology has been improved, with the 2016 sensor being capable of measuring the temperature and pressure of the rider and rider’s bike.

Sensor power The 2016 sensors also support the latest high-speed sensor technology, with GPS, accelerometer, gyro, and proximity sensors.

Sensor resolution The 2016 sensor has been rated at 0.8m, which compares to 0,6m for the GPS, 0,5m for accelerometer and gyro sensors, and 0,7m for proximity sensors on the other 2016 models.

This means the sensor is able to measure the distance of the front of the car from the rider’s helmet, and this will allow for better tyre life.

The GPS and proximity sensor on the sensor will now also be able to detect speed.

Sensors are being developed by the Italian firm Pirelli, which was responsible for the development of the sensor used in the 2017 Ducati 924.

The sensor is expected to weigh around 1.3 kilograms, which will make it lighter than the 924, but still heavier than the current sensors used by the Ducati team.

The next wave of sensor technology will be being tested on the 2018 MotoGP bikes.

Sensing the road The 2017 bikes feature a new ABS system that will allow riders to feel the road through the ABS sensors.

There will be an additional four sensors in the bike, which are expected of the same size, but at the rear instead of the centre of the frame.

A total of four sensors will be added to each bike.

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